Saturday, 15 September 2012

Why should any one be ashamed of ?

We haven't got our fresher's yet. In those pre fresher's days everyone used to visit LG(LG bole to Local Guardian) on Sundays  I also visited couple of times but it got boring after few visits. Later we used to hang out in some places quite far from college. To be honest we felt very relaxed that day, used to smoke freely and and enjoyed a lot.One Sunday morning we planned to go somewhere. During pre freshers days many of us used to avoid AEC bus instead we proffered to go through the APRO - Saathmile road and used to catch a city bus at Saatmile. There were 2 reasons for that. First we were little uncomfortable in AEC bus in those initial days and second the landscape on the way APRO - Saatmile is just awesome.

I, Nair, Mehboob, Dhiru, Tutul, Rajat, Bhushan and few more friends were together on that particular day. We almost reached Saathmile and all of a sudden Dhiru started to get restless. Actually he got a nature's call very urgently.

We all started to pull his legs and said "Dhaat!.. what yaar? Now where the hell are you going to do it?

Dhiru said he would go back to hostel.

We thought "what yaar? now he would take minimum 40-50 minutes. What to do for the time being?"

Smoking was a bad idea as any Hostel-3 senior might see us and then we would have to face the consequences at night. We simply waited for him. We were quite surprised to see Dhiru as he came within just 10 minutes. We asked him "How you came so quickly? Your tendency is gone or what?"

Dhiru replied "No yaar, I couldn't go that far to hostel as my situation was very pathetic. So, on the way I knocked a door and explained them my situation. They showed me the way and i did my job and returned."

We all were little shocked "How could any one do like that?"

May be it was difficult for us to understand as no one among us had gone through such an extreme kind of situation. Someone among us asked Dhiru "Did you said thank you to them?".

Dhiru replied "No yaar. I was so ashamed and immediately after doing my job I immediately came out without talking to any one".


  1. Whts dhiru da's reaction to dis......Jahid da do keep up d good work........all u seniors were amazing just were those days

    1. Haha Pranjal.. what reaction he would give? Everyone knew about it :)


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