Friday, 14 September 2012

The Train Journey

During our hostel days, one of my very good friend, most of us still call him "Sinha", used to be very decent. He is still quite a decent kind of guy, but decency in hostel considered strange and as such, little vulnerable. He always kept his room neat and clean and every time we entered his room, we used to feel the refreshing smell of the "agarbatti's"  incense sticks.  Once Sinha told us about one of his interesting incident. When he was in his 12th grade, both of his elder brothers used to work in Bangalore. Sinha is basically from Silchar, Assam and during one vacation he planned to visit his brother's.

He booked his railway ticket about a month earlier and it was on waiting list. During those days mobile phones were not there and people had to rely only on land line phones. Sinha's brother asked him not to take any tension and said "don't worry Bro! the ticket would get confirm. You will have to go to Guwahati  before one day and then board the train at the "Guwahati station" and after 3 days, you will be here in Bangalore.  We will be there, waiting for you in the station." 

That was Sinha's first trip to Bangalore.

So, Sinha came from Silchar to Guwahati. On the departure day, Sinha directly went to his compartment and put all his luggage's. After some time TTE arrived and he had a look at his ticket. The TTE said "your ticket is not confirmed. You would have to go to general compartment". 

That time, Sinha was not experienced enough in all those things. He thought, what big deal? So in next station he moved to general compartment. It was very crowded out there and some how he managed little space for him to place his back. Few hours passed like that.

Sinha noticed that after every few hours, he got to see new faces. He enjoyed the moment for initial few hours, but gradually it became little tedious, as the compartment was overcrowded. Sinha was cautious about his luggage's and out of his  anxiety, he even hesitated to use the bathroom. Sometimes he managed a series of short naps. 

Finally he reached Bangalore and he was delighted to see his brothers, along with few other friends in the railway station. On the way home they discussed about the journey. Everyone was extremely shocked to know that Sinha came in general compartment, all the way from Guwahati. After reaching home, Sinha almost spent 2 hours in bathroom and later, they started to gossip. Some one asked Sinha "how was the journey?" 

Sinha replied "everything was fine. But in Rajasthan it was very very hot"

Everyone was so confused and at a time they screamed in shock "Rajasthan?  How cum you were in Rajasthan?" By which train you came? Was it a direct train? 

Sinha said "It was a direct train and it came through the middle of some desert". 

After discussing further,  they realized that Sinha was actually talking about some place in Orissa.


  1. :) I been to orissa , and they have a dessert I did not know that ..

    Good story though


    1. It wasn't actually a desert :) It was very hot and at one place it was quite dusty and my friend couldn't see any grass or tree far far away so he assumed that it to be a desert some where in Rajasthan :)

    2. he he he right :) I was wondering that i probably did the same when i was travelling he he he he


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