Friday, 14 September 2012

First Day At AEC

I still remember my first day at AEC(Assam Engineering College), well it was our admission day. I, Surajit,Nair and Mehboob were good friends, as we were from the same place and on the  admission day we all came together to college along with our fathers. My father came to college only 2 times, first day and the last day. We knew very little about the college that time and we all planned to take the same hostel, but which one?

To be honest that question was not important for us,  may be because we had no idea about that. The only thing we knew was that, there were 3 hostels which are a bit far from college and 3 hostels which are very near to the college. As I was a lazy guy right from my childhood, so my intention was to take a hostel near to the college. Now during admission the authorities distributed the hostels in such a way that, no hostel should get overloaded. We noticed that in few cases the authorities denied candidate's preferred  hostel, as that hostel was already filled by some huge amount. We were  little anxious, as  there was a possibility that, everyone of us wouldn't have got the same hostel.

Admission continued according to the candidate's  ranking and Mehboob's admission supposed to happen   first among four of us. As his turn got closer, Mehboob became little restless and he asked us, which hostel he should take? I inquired a bit and got to know that H-3 was 100% available, as no one took H-3 till that time. I suggested Mehboob to take H-3 and explained him that there's is a slight probability that all four of us might get the same hostel. I was under the impression that Hostel 1,2 and 3 were the  3 hostels which were  near to college. I and Nair also managed to get the same hostel and we desperately waited for Surajit's admission. Fortunately at the end, Surajit also managed to get the same hostel and I felt so happy that the trick actually worked.We came with all our luggage and were well prepared to stay in hostel from that day itself. Now the authorities told us that the bank is already closed and hostel admission could be possible only the next day. We got little upset as we never wanted to return back with all those luggage's.Someone advised us to meet the hostel warden and to discuss with him. We went to a nearby hostel and to my surprise, we got to know that hostel-3 was not situated any where near there, in fact it was quite far from that place. The 3 hostels which were near to the college were hostel number 1, 2 and 4.

We started to head towards hostel-3 and after we walked for half a KM, we had to walk up a hill. After sometime we were little confused and wondered "are we going in the right direction?"  Somehow we reached warden Sir's house and Sir told us "Today bank is already closed and hostel is almost empty, as  it's vacation time. Only few 8th semester students are there. I am extremely sorry, but today admission would not be possible. You can do one thing, you can drop your luggage's in the hostel and come tomorrow for the admission"

As soon as we entered the hostel through the main gate, we heard a joyful gossip kind of noise from inside a room. We knocked that door and the guys asked us to come inside. 3 guys were  inside the room and we came to know that they were all in their final semesters. They said that they were supposed to pass out by that time, but unfortunately their final exam was delayed and they would stay there for another 2 months. One of the senior's  said to  us that we could stay in the hostel from that day itself.  He said he would personally take care of our admission and asked my father not to take tension. He told us that initially for few days, they would accommodate us into one of their own rooms.Within a few days, I realized that  my lack of knowledge regarding the location of hostel-3, was in fact a blessing in disguise. The hostel was quite isolated from the college and was situated in a beautiful landscape, in a small hill. The "Deepor Bill", one of the largest lakes in the Brahmaputra valley of western Assam is very near to our hostel. Also the road from hostel to Saatmile pass between two hills and it was refreshingly green on both the sides.We actually have got heaven that day.


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