Saturday, 15 September 2012

It Happened in a new years eve

It was year 2001 new year's eve. Hostel's new years eve was very very special. Campfire in the  cold winter was just awesome. 31 Dec was usually a dry day in Guwahati, those days and we had to do the Jugaar one day earlier, usually from Khanapara. Party usually used to start from 6 PM and lasted till 6 AM. Many of us also used to visit other hostels to wish "Happy New Year". It seemed, few guys even used to visit the girls hostel at midnight to wish "Happy New Year".

So what so special about 2001 new year eve? We were enjoying the party beside the campfire in hostel and it was already 2 AM that time. I, Nair, Dhiru, Rajat, Mehboob and Bhushan were together that moment Na few of our buddies went to other hostel.

Rajat wanted to sleep that moment and we said to him "Let us enjoy this moment, we don't know when we would be together next time?"

But Rajat couldn't wait longer and went to his room. Suddenly JP arrived from nowhere and we asked him "where you had been?" He said that he went to hostel-1.

We all were highly overdosed that night and it was already 4 AM. We decided to enjoy till the fire lasted. We had some biting left and those were not in a condition to eat, so JP casually threw the biting in the fire.

Nair gave some senti to him "Wah! JP. How can you just throw the biting just like that?"

JP replied "You would have eaten those stuffs or what?"

Nair replied "still, we had paid for those stuffs and we just can't throw it like that"

As usual target was JP, as most of us enjoyed to pull JP's legs and we used to call it "Kamur". The fire was almost about to die, so Dhiru went to the common room to bring some newspaper. In the mean time JP started to get little irritated to our hard core "kamurs" (ha ha ie. leg pulling). All of a sudden JP opened his wallet and took out some coins  and gave to Nair.

JP  said "I threw your biting so take this money?"

Nair replied "It's very less. The biting worth much more"

JP replied "I am a poor guy, I don't have money like you... bla bla bla .."

Now Rajat started to shout from his room. He was not able to sleep and shouted "Why you guys are making so much noise? Go and sleep now. ......."

After listening to those words Mehboob got very angry and said  "Who is Rajat to shout at us like that?...."

Now some of us were little embarrassed as it wouldn't be nice if the juniors got to know about that. So, few of us started to cool down Mehboob and I went to Rajat's room to cool him down. Within 10 minutes everything was normal.

We came back to the campfire and after sometime again our point of discussion came back to the discarded biting    After some time JP got very irritated and he threw the coins in the fire. Now every one went silent for few minutes. Then I started to pull JP's legs that time. I actually tried to give some sort of senti  and said "How could you just throw the coins in fire? You don't understand the value of money.etc etc etc"

Then Nair also started to give senti  and after sometime Dhiru also started. Within a few minutes JP got very emotional and started to cry.

JP said "I understand the value of money very well yaar. I know how i was grown up"

So, we spent the remaining time like that and tried to console JP and finally we slept by around 6 AM.

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