Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sinha - the bakra

Sinha took admission in hostel during 2nd semester. Initially he looked very decent, golu molu, little reserved, bhola bhala (innocent) kind of  guy. The kind of personality he had, no one including our seniors ever talked rudely to him. Earlier we thought that Sinha is actually afraid of ragging as he did't take admission in first semester. But later we came to know that he already experienced the hard core ragging at JEC a year back and due to some personal reasons he couldn't continue his studies there and again took admission at AEC. As most of the seniors already got bore of so-called ragging, the only thing Sinha had to do is to give his introduction to all seniors and need to wear formals for one month.

There was one hostel boy named "Dileep". During our stay in hostel he was a temporary employee and i have heard that now a days he is a permanent cook. By the way i am talking about hostel-3. Dileep was a nice guy. He would never say no to any of the hosteler. Every evening he used to visit each and every room to fill our water bottles. Initially Sinha used to call Dileep as "Dileep da"

One afternoon  Sinha was sitting in the 2nd block steps. After sometime 2 final year students came and sat beside him. They were Kaustabh da and Thapa da. Sinha was little uncomfortable sitting alone beside them but thought it would be disrespectful of him to disappear like that. Suddenly Dileep passed by and Sinha greeted him "Dileep da, How are you?" Listening to those words Kaustabh da thought of making some fun out of it. Kaustabh da said to Thapa da "every time i look at Dileep, i feel so bad. Looking at him, how can any body believe that once he was a boarder of this hostel?"

Sinha was listening to the conversation with full concentration although he never participated in the conversation. Now Thapa da started "It's destiny, my friend. Everything is already written. Kaustabh said "It's really sad that something so bad happened to him. His own friends cheated on him by copying his final year project. So, Dileep's final year project was not accepted by the administration." Thapa da replied "still, he could have done a new project the next year?" Kaustabh da said "After that incident he was mentally down and couldn't clear engineering. Later he got NFTE." Thapa da said "Very disturbing incident yaar. I am actually geting goosebumps"

After some time Kaustabh da said "But he still can't accept the fact that he is no longer a part of AEC. It would be difficult for him to stay away from hostel. It's good for him that he is still here. But i feel so bad that "supposed to be an engineer and now a hostel boy" Most of the juniors don't know about him. After we pass out i don't know how the juniors will treat him? "

The conversation had a deep impact on Sinha's intellect. For few days he showed too much respect for Dileep. One night Sinha discussed this with Dhiru. Dhiru laughed at him saying "Tuk billa bonale!" (they made a fool of you). Next day Dhiru talked to us regarding this. We knew only Kaustabh da can do such a thing. We argued a lot with Sinha regarding this. He didn't  realize that he's actually making a fool of himself by believing the story. It took him a few days to recover from the mental shock and finally accepted that Kaustabh da and Thapa da actually made him "BAKRA" that day.

From that day Sinha also started calling him "Dileep" instead of "Dileep da"


  1. Kaustav da has been very good story teller..

  2. Hunnhhh not done. Since my blog is The Sinhas at No 302 , i read this post. And you "billa bonale" ;p

    1. Haha. "The Sinhas at No 302" sounds interesting :) Yes, ""billa bonale" :)


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