Saturday, 21 March 2015

Review of Story of Tublu by Kalyan Panja

Kalyan Panja is a working professional and an amateur photographer. Also a true blood traveller, who travelled almost all the major portions of India right from his childhood, and still continuing the journey for search of unknown and hidden paradises spread all over the country.  To him travelling is not just visiting the place but also of feeling the smell of the soil there. Kalyan has a diverse range of passions who is as much a tech freak as a bookworm and tries to juggle his way through his different passions. From cool gadgets to mystery thrillers, you can find everything in his shelf who is surely going to try it, if it catches his mind. He has his own way with the ink and has a flair for creative writing and has contributed in different online spaces and magazines at different points of time. Still he believes he is only in the learning sphere and knowledge is unbound. Most important to him is not in knowing but in the desire to know, experience the unknown and go along to fulfill the unfulfilled dreams. Kalyan is a voracious reader – book reviewer and has a vivid library with rare and precious titles. He doesn’t let go of any book, if he can. Which explains why he still treasures the books he had read in his Nursery classes. 

I am glad that Kalyan read "Story of Tublu" and also shared his review on his blog titled Booktica

"The story delves in the complex nature of the friendship between a boy and a girl, following step by step their individual growth, how they influence each other, the good and the bad feelings that nourish decades of a true robust relationship. This is the kind of book that does not end. A novel of good, basic writing, without smearing or frills this book reflects the joys and sufferings of an entire generation smothered by an avalanche of images, sounds and information to the point of becoming spectators of their own lives because they lost the perception of the value of the things they have. 

It’s an essential book to read; it’s short and concise but  quite compelling and fascinating. The book works, because people today are too superficial and have definitely forgotten the existence of certain values, a fundamental time, such as friendship. The environments of the novel are also special and evocative and more than anything else is fascinating and you will love the way in which the author expressed his feelings towards totally different environments, describing them in order to capture the reader's attention.

This book is interesting and requires only a few pages to excite and impress deeply anyone who reads it"

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  1. Your book seems very eye catchy and with so many positive reviews, I also want to read it....

    1. Nice that the reviews caught your eyes :) Please read the book, you will enjoy it :) Thanks for dropping by Arpita!!


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