Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Review of Story of Tublu by Arish Dhawan

Arish Dhawan is presently pursuing his Engineering. Soon after completing his graduation, he’s all set to stick with the herd and joining the IT sector. But Arish believes that his writing is there to follow all along. Having done his schooling from a convent school, he has been reading poems by some of the world’s greatest poets ever since he was a small fry. And maybe that’s what made him want to pen down one on his own, and gradually he turned into a poet. Arish’s first poetry anthology, Alibi, was a self-published memoir with two of his batch mates. Not only that, he has written three more anthologies after that. 

Well, it has been a long time since I passed out of college, and it’s a delight to be in touch with young guys like Arish through our writings. I really get energized by interacting with them. I always enjoy writing about some of our those carefree college/hostel days. 

After completing my contemporary fiction book “Story of Tublu” I was pretty much sure that people of our generation, who had grown up in the Eighties and Nineties would just love the book. Those were the Pre Cable TV, Pre Internet days. The only source of entertainment those days was our very own Doordarshan. I was under the assumption that the new generation wouldn’t be able to co-relate much with the journey of Tublu, from childhood to adolescent to manhood. But then I was wrong. Story of Tublu is equally liked by the new generation; particularly the Engineering guys who thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Arish enjoyed reading the book a lot and it was a pleasure to read his review of Story of Tublu.

"This story is a wonderful rollercoaster ride from puerility, childhood infatuations, innocent talks, the love disease, hesitations, college and hostel life, drawing together to one’s parents, to being adults and eventually being parents themselves in the span of 204 pages, which makes it a perfect read for people of all age groups. The writing was simple beyond words. And that’s what makes it a fast moving, light and easy to digest story one can easily enjoy it in a single sitting. Everyone, at some point of time, finds himself reading his very own story. Every time Tublu hesitated to talk his heart out to Maina, I could feel a gulp stuck in my throat"

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