Thursday, 4 October 2012

It Happened during a training program

My wife told me about this hilarious incident.  While she was doing her internship at Govt Ayurvedic Hospital in Guwahati, they attended a 3 day training program on “Health and Family Welfare” at Community Training Center located at Khanapara, Guwahati.  Many renowned doctors participated in that program.  The center of attraction was Dr. Barua as he was a very famous doctor in Assam that time and he was also quite well known in US. Training was going on smoothly on the first day and towards the end of the last session Dr Barua discussed something about communicable diseases. He gave a sheet of paper to everyone and asked them to write down their names and to mention any 10 communicable diseases they know. Dr Barua told that tomorrow’s first session would be on “Communicable Diseases” and thus concluded the first day program.

The second day actually started with a humorous tone. Dr Barua had all the sheets where the internees mentioned their 10 communicable diseases the previous day. He said “most of you have written correctly”. He was more interested in one particular sheet. He asked “who is Nurul Islam?” On that Nurul Islam raised his hand and responded “yes doctor”.  Dr Barua started laughing and asked him “can you please explain me how can Piles be a communicable disease?” The entire hall started to laugh and Nurul Islam was simply smiling.

On 3rd day in one session Dr Barua discussed on an interesting topic “how rumors spread within a community?” He actually wanted to demonstrate it practically and played an interesting game along with the internees.  He divided the entire internees into two groups. First group played the role of audience and the second group internee were the actual players. He asked all the players of the 2nd group to leave the hall for a while as a part of the game.

Now half of the participants were outside the training hall and Dr Barua wrote something on the wall “Tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse at 9:30 AM. I request all the internees to come in there at the hospital with their neat and clean aprons sharply by 9 AM; otherwise they might miss the solar eclipse. There is a high probability of heavy rainfall tomorrow as well." Once all the audience read what is written in the blackboard, Dr Barua called the first player waiting outside. He asked him to read carefully what is written in the blackboard. Once he read the message Dr Barua erased it completely.

Now the 2nd player entered the hall and the first player whispered in his ears the message he already read. Then the 3rd player entered the hall and this time the 2nd player whispered the message in his ears. Similarly the 3rd player whispered the message into the ears of the 4th player. It continued exactly  like that till the final player heard the message.  Now the final player was Dr Alokesh and Dr Barua asked him to announce the message to the entire hall. 

Dr Alokesh announced “I am at the hospital wearing a clean apron. It’s raining heavily outside. Patients are getting wet in the rain. All the cows and goats are also getting wet in the rain. What should I do now? “

Entire hall started to laugh. Even Dr Barua also started to laugh and said “my goodness, I played this game many times and most of the time I got to hear some funny replies from the last player but this time it’s really ridiculous, out of this world. The funniest part is this guy also have a question at the end? So, do I have to explain how rumors spread within a community?”


  1. This reminds me Johnny Lever on the phone in movie - Baazigar

  2. ha ha ..Johnny Lever was exceptional in that movie :)


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