Monday, 28 January 2013

First Liebster Award, Thanks Rajni

Quite often I came across "Liebster Award" related posts, to be honest I was a bit confused and never  even bothered to understand it. There are so many awesome bloggers and I feel myself a toddler out here. But Friday night when I received a comment from Rajni in one of my post, where she mentioned  "you have been nominated for the Liebster Award". I was little confused and immediately visited the mentioned URL. I was so much delighted to see my name, along with my blog link, in her list of nominated bloggers.  But what was that for? As it was a Friday night, so I didn't waste much time to understand that and thought to Goole it out later. In the next morning, I received one more similar kind of comment from Deepak. I had some idea that it would certainly be some kind of appreciation for my blog but I was totally blank. I opened the link that was mentioned in Deepak's comment. Wow!  I didn't have to google it any more, as Deepak explained it so perfectly in his post.  I got to know that Liebster Blog Award is basically a blogger to blogger award.  The award is usually given to upcoming new and deserving bloggers. OMG! I felt so honored and was really inspired to continue blogging

Right from my childhood, I was never a good reader and writing was simply out of context. But few months back, not very sure, why and how I started to write? Initially I started to post my shits in Facebook. I was very delighted to see few comments on my posts and those comments encouraged me to write more. Later  I started to post quite frequently in Facebook. Some of my friends and college seniors always appreciated me and encouraged me to write more. I would like to thank my good friend Diganta and two of my college seniors Paromita Ba and Pratibhu Da, who inspired me to start a blog of my own. I didn't have much idea about blogs and all, so I had to google a bit. After a few days, many of my school and college friends were very much surprised, when  I started my own blog and everyone wonder and  few of them even asked me "How cum all of a sudden you started to write now a days? What happened to you?"

I thank Rajni and Deepak from the core of my heart for nominating my blog for the award. Honestly, it means a lot to me. Now I am again little confused "since I got two nominations, do I have to write two posts or single post would be fine?" Since I got my first award from Rajni, I dedicate this post to her.

As per the rule, I must write 11 things about myself. OK, here they are:

1. I was born and brought up in Bongaigaon, a town is Assam

2. Sorry to say, but I am a true atheist, right from my childhood

3. I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya BRPL. But our school doesn't exist now a days, as few     years back it became DPS(Delhi Public School)

4. I did my engineering from Assam Engineering College(AEC), in Computer Science and Engineering

5. I enjoy Rock and Metal music

6. I like to travel to new exotic places

7. I am quite lazy and was never competitive throughout my entire life.

8. Presently I work for a company named Onmobile Global Ltd, as an Engineering Lead

9. I am a big fan of thriller movies and watched most of the Hollywood thrillers.

10. I am extremely cool kind of person and don't usually take unnecessary tension.

11. Presently I am some kind of settled in Bangalore and stay with my wife Anjali and our little angel Jia

My answers to Rajni's questions:

1.Your favorite flower?

2.Which period of Indian History do you like the most?
The golden age of the Maurya Empire

3.Your favorite woman Politician Indian or International/?
Mamta Didi, she keeps on entertaining

4.   Favorite Indian singer?
Kishore Kumar

5   Favorite Indian sports person

5 .Favorite food item

6.  Favorite book
Haven't read any book since a long time. I read a few of the Sidney Sheldon books, during my school days. I remember during my college days, once I visited Delhi and finished one book in the train journey  from Guwahati to Delhi. The book was "Tell Me Your Dreams" by Sidney Sheldon.

7 What do you prefer to listen to  violin or sitar

8. Favorite gazal singer
Not much into gazal but I like few of the Gulam Ali songs and particularly "chupke chupke, raat din..."

9  Do you have stage fright?

10 Do you prefer reading the news paper  to watching  news on Television?
Watching news on TV

11.Do you think blogging is very helpful in stress management ?

The bloggers I nominate for the award are:

1. Rama

2. Sonia

3. Ramya

4. Arumugam

5. Tanya

6. Jay

7. Aparna

8. Rajni

9. Deepak

10. Fida

11. Meenakshi

My questionnaire for those I nominated:

1. Name your top 5 favorite movies.

2. Name your top 5 favorite actors

3. Mention 3 things which give you happiness

4. Give one reason to justify that you feel patriotic about your nation

5. One good thing you have done in life and you are still proud of  that. If no then simply answer as "I haven't done any such thing yet"

6. One mistake  you have committed and still regret for that. If no then simply answer as "I haven't committed any such mistake till now"

7. Describe briefly "one happiest moment of ur life which you still cherish"

8. One thing which you definitely don't want to miss "if you have the opportunity to become invisible for one whole day"

9. How many hours you usually spend in a week for reading/writing blogs?

10. How many hours of TV you watch daily

11. The reason you write?

Finally I would like to thank Rajni and Deepak,  one more time for recognizing me as a blogger. I don't know the rules properly, but for Deepak's nomination, I would write one more similar kind of post, as I don't want to miss the opportunity to nominate 11 more wonderful bloggers.


  1. Hello Jahid. You deserve the award thoroughly for your wonderful writing skills. Good to know that you are a Kendriya Vidyalaya product, for I am the same.. Thanks for nominating me brother. I take your gesture with a warm heart. Congratulations once again.

    1. Thanks a lot Deepak. Nice to know that U are also a KV product. We had so much fun during our KV days :)

  2. Thanks a lot Jahid, its very kind of you to nominate me for this award :D
    And yes you are so worth it for all the beautiful memories you have penned down here.

    It gets me nostalgic too ... Keep WRiting and thanks again will promise you to meet the challenge but then :D pls give me some time :D

  3. Hey Thanks a lot Jahid.. Its an honor to be remembered and to receive an award always.. And Congratulations for winning an award.. U deserve it :)

  4. Thanks Jahid!! It so wonderful to have a nomination coming from you!!

    1. I really enjoy ur blog Aparna. Keep blogging!

  5. Thanks Jahid!

    You have been always very kind towards me, always encouraging my writing efforts though we have known each other for such a short while. You were already in my next favourite bloggers list (Rajni nominated me too). But now I wonder if I can nominate you.

    My writing journey has been similar to you. Just three and half months back I never though I would ever write but like you never shared my enthusiasm with anyone. Even People who know me well, were taken by surpeise, Oh! you have started writing!

    Thanks a lot Jahid, It really means a lot!

    1. Thanks Meenakshi!

      Nice to know that Ur friends were also surprised for ur writings :) Glad to know that I was already in ur fav list :)

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The BLOGSTER now has a LIEBSTER :) This is a solid reason for us coming over to your home again next weekend :)
    All said and done, I WILL NOT LET GO WITHOUT A PARTY!!!

    1. Hehe Dandeepan.. Thanks a lot :) Regarding party,just any time :)

  7. Congrats, Jahid!..Great going and Keep writing!! :)

  8. Congrats Jahid. As new in blogging i was not familiar with this award.Hope so I get one in future . Thanks for sharing .

    1. Thank U so much Vishal. You have a very nice travel blog and U are definitely on my next favorite list :)

  9. My heart-felt congrats! Thanks for nominating me. Feel honored ... feel excited. Have written a very few posts. Think, do I deserve such honor. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks a lot Easwar sir. You truly deserve such an honor, as U have an amazing writing skill.

  10. Congratulations Jahid! Your list of nominees has some of the blogs I read the most, so good choice on the nominations too :) Keep writing, keep reaching new heights!

    1. Thank a lot dear. I am so glad U liked my list of nominees :)

  11. Hey congratz Jahid. Had been a silent reader for sometime now. Never knew you could write is cliche :), but yeah I never even imagined

    1. Hehe Thanks dude :) Really nice to see ur comments and it seems U are a veteran out here :) Don't worry, my childhood friends were even more amused to see my writings :)

  12. Oh ! Wow, it was awesome to know tit-bits about you, I am also a big fan of Kishore Kumar & Gulam Ali. N about taking tensions it's the best a man can do, hehe :D. Wish you all the best for writing & blogging, may you get many such awards.
    I am honored to get the prestigious Liebster award from you friend. :) :)

    P.S: Give my love to Jia.

    1. Thanks Tanya :) You truly deserve many such awards!

  13. Jahid

    Thankyou so much nominating me and for mentioning my name in the title of your Blog have been following ----series ---HOW I MET ANJALI---and find it very interesting You certainly deserve to be nominated as you see and Deepak too thinks the same so CONGRATULATIONS.

    thanks once again

  14. Hi Jahid, WOW you must seriously be having some Liebster connection this week as I was about to nominate your name for this award! No don't worry, you do not have to go through the 11 everything once again, I think you have got some recognition, 32 comments, WOW again! I will pass on my nomination to someone else. Congratulations and keep blogging. I think the cute little baby in your hand in your profile photo does the trick :)

    1. Hi Mehroo,

      Thanks a lot. I am so glad to know that U were about to nominate my name :) In that case I would keep on changing my profile photo, with my cute little baby :)

  15. been reading your post on and off for a while....just commented to say congrats and keep writing, your one of the best indian bloggers out there :)

    1. So nice to know that U had been reading my blog for a while. Thanks a lot.. Oho! I am totally flattered after reading the 2nd part of ur comment :)

  16. Finally after a long time, I have written a post. Just for you, thanks once again

    1. Thanks Tanya. U are the first one to post that :)

  17. Thank you Jahid for thinking about me and nominating me for the award. Sorry for coming to your blog so late, as your notification had gone to the spam box.
    Congratulations for getting the award, you are a good writer , writing from your heart.
    However, I would like to mention here, that I have stopped taking such awards long time back.
    This is not meant to offend you, it just the way I feel. I am sure you will understand me, and not take in the wrong way.
    So when are you giving a party to your friends, as demanded by one of your friends?
    Have fun!

    1. Thanks Rama for all the compliments. I like all ur posts and no problem, I like ur Amir Khan kind of style :) It's OK, I respect ur feeling.

      Take care!


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