Sunday, 13 August 2017

Ambur Mutton Biriyani

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When it comes to Biryani the first thing that comes to our mind is "Hyderabadi Biryani". In case you don’t know what biryani is all about? Well, it is a South Asian mixed rice dish with its origins among the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. It is a very popular recipe in the subcontinent. Everyone just love biriyani irrespective of gender, color, race, religion, region, language. Biriyani has somehow united the entire subcontinent in its own way. No doubt that Hyderabadi biryani is one of the most popular dishes, not only in south India but across the country. The dish is basically from Mughlai cuisine, and is quite a challenge to prepare, as it has some unique ways of spicing it up. Apart from Hyderabadi biriyani there are also different other varieties of biriyani which are equally tasty. One of my favorite is  "Ambur Mutton Biryani".

Ambur is a town in the Vellore District of Tamil Nadu, India. It is located on the banks of the Palar River on the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway. The place is quite well-known for its biriyani. I have been preparing Ambur Mutton Biriyani for quite some time now. It was Mr Viswanaathan Ramaseshan who introduced this recipe to me. Soon, I became a fan of it. I just thought to share this amazing dish to everyone.

Ingredients required (Preparation for 4 people) {
  1. 500 grams Mutton
  2. 500 grams Seeraga Samba Rice (One can use some other rice as well. But Ambur briyani comes out really well with Seeraga Samba Rice. Samba is a variety of rice grown in Tamil Nadu, also some other parts of India and Sri Lanka, and has a small ovular grain, compared to the long grain of basmati rice.)
  3. 2-3 tablespoon of refined oil.
  4. 50-100 grams of Ginger-Garlic paste (Freshly prepared, highly recommended)
  5. 2 sliced onions
  6. 2 Tomatoes, chopped (I prepared it with and without tomatoes. Without tomatoes also it is equally tasty)
  7. 10 – 13 Dried Red chilies ground to paste 
  8. Few pieces of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon sticks
  9. Coriander leaves
  10. Mint leaves
  11. 2-3 tablespoon of card
  12. Juice out of one lemon
  13. Salt (According to taste, preferably 1 to 2 tablespoon)

  1. Soak the rice in lots of water. Set aside.
  2. Heat oil in a pan
  3. Add spoon of curd. Add in the Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Fry for 10 seconds. Add in the garlic paste. Fry for 2-3 minutes on medium flame.
  4. Now, add in the ginger paste. Fry for 2-3 minutes until the raw smell of the ginger goes off.
  5. Add in the chili paste, mutton, the mint and coriander leaves, chopped onions, tomatoes, salt, curd and lime juice. Add in a cup (250 ml) of water. Mix well to combine.
  6. Cover and pressure cook everything for 5-6 whistles on medium flame. Switch off the flame and wait for the pressure to release naturally.  
  7. Add in the soaked rice to the mutton gravy. Add in extra water, salt if necessary. Cook of another 3-4 whistles on medium flame. Switch off the flame and wait for the pressure to release naturally.
  8. Open the lid and gently fluff up the rice to mix. Serve the mutton biryani hot.  

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  1. Loved to read. Thanks for the Biriyani recipe:)

    1. Thanks Rupam. try it out, you will love it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Try it out, it's really appetizing :)

  3. Once I stayed at Ambur but didn't know about the biryani ,else I could have tasted it.

    1. Aha, you missed it. I've heard that the Biriyani which you get out there is just out of the world :)

  4. tasty biryani..... missing tamil nadu....

    1. Yes, really tasty biriyani. You must be missing TN a lot :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yeah Antonina, it's really delicious :) Thanks for dropping by.

  6. For someone who doesnt eat Mutton, you made me salivate

    1. Hehe :) You can try it out sometime, same like chicken :)

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