Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cofie Me

Over the last few years the world has gone crazy both with the perception as well as implementing the ‘Selfie’ idea. Based on the tremendous popularity it had won, Oxford Dictionary declared ‘selfie’ their word of the year for 2013. Their definition of selfie is, 'A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.’  So, social media plays a major role here. Even if someone clicks his/her own picture many times, they aren't officially selfie until and unless they are posted in social media. The term is a bit confusing though, as selfie is not just a photograph that one has taken of oneself. The term is used collectively as well, like ‘group selfie with colleagues/friends, selfie with daughter, or selfie with parents.’ So, the scope of selfie is actually much broader, any kind of photograph where the culprit who dared to click the camera is also featured in it.

Apart from the usual ways of taking selfies, with smiling face covering well known monuments/buildings or institutes or with amazing Mother Nature, these days people also come up with many dare-devil, innovative and out-of-the-box ideas and take breath-taking selfies with wild animals, at higher altitudes or at challenging geographical locations. Together with the growing popularity of the selfie culture, many are also not very comfortable with it. As an example, The American Psychiatric Association has officially confirmed taking 'selfies' is a mental disorder. But that’s okay, such theories shouldn’t dishearten the regular Selfie-Folks. After all, aren’t everyone a little bit psycho in his or her own way?

" So, your Mamma received the beautiful gift you sent on her 60th Birthday. She looks real pretty in her new dress. You want to take a selfie with her, but she is thousand mils away.  

You missed your best friend’s wedding. The couple looking beautiful in their wedding costumes. You simply wish to be there to feel the moment, take a selfie with the wonderful couple. 

Your childhood buddies are having fun in Bangkok. They are taking group pictures and uploading frequently on social media. Oh! Dear, you must be wondering how lovely it would be if you are also with your friends, taking selfies together. 

So, you are a big fan of Katrina Kaif, you are already added in her fan list. How about taking a selfie with her? "

Well, it's no longer a dream. Such imaginations have actually turned into reality. Now, no distance, no barrier, no boundary, literally nothing can stop you from clicking selfies with your near and dear ones, with your favorite celebrities, with your fans. Actually it's not selfie, it is Cofie. Confused?

Recently, I came across this interesting App, it’s called Cofie. This App this is going to give a completely new dimension to the selfie thing, and will take it to the next level. You can take selfies with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Website :

Recently I took a cofie with my dear old friend Ravi Pratap Singh. He is one of the initial core Cofie team members.

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  1. I feel Selfies are fine, until we get too crazy about them.

    I have a picture of a lady from my recent trip to Florida...she was taking a selfie while sitting on the back of a bike - could have turned out to be a disater for her and others sharing the road!

    1. Yes Alok ji, everything is fine within a limit. There are many selfie cases where it could have turned out to be disaster. Selfie should be limited to fun only :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes Anjali, completely agree with Alok :) Thanks for dropping by!!

  3. A little less of selfie would be better for the world, perhaps :)

    1. Haha I can understand your feeling, sir :) But I think that's okay if selfie is limited to fun and friendship!!


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