Thursday, 9 April 2015

Anirban Nanda

Anirban is a final year student of Electrical Engineering at Haldia Institute of Technology. He lives in Haldia, West Bengal. Though he is a technical student he loves to read novels more than his Engineering textbooks. Reading books has always been his favorite pass time. Anirban fell in love with writing when he was in class twelve. He has published some of his stories in his college magazine. His anthologies "A Phase Unknown Women-A Tribute Season 2" , "Dream-Castle" and "The Paid Eminence" are due release in April, 2015. He has also become co-editor of an international magazine releasing soon.

One good thing about studying in an Engineering college and experiencing hostel life is that you would remain a student throughout your life. No matter how hard you try, no matter how older you get, you simply can't get that hostel boy out of your life. Sometimes in one situation or the other, the boy inside you will show his presence. Even though hostel life is more or less the same in any college, but there's something different about life in an Engineering hostel. The best part is we never study, but somehow everyone pass the semester exams. 

My debut novel "Story of Tublu" has a glimpse of hostel life. Many readers even felt that the novel is about the life of an engineer. I always had the intuition that guys who experienced hostel life are definitely going to enjoy the book, at least our engineering guys. But then I am totally overjoyed that Story of Tublu is also liked by many others, beyond campus. 

I am glad that Anirban read my book. It seems he enjoyed it wholeheartedly and also shared a review on his blog.

"It's a wonderful debut for any writer. The tag-line of the story says ‘an amazing journey called life’  -an apt tagline indeed! It is literally a journey of life; filled with every human emotion possible -love, pain, loss, friendship, hate, jealousy and more. The story shows the transformation of adolescence to maturity which is done quite brilliantly for both Maina and Tublu -our central characters. The jokes of Ganesh and mischief of Pranjal is so funny that it will make you laugh like a mad. Hostel life is described nicely and it will compel you to take a walk down your memory lane. It's a fascinating and gripping story till the end which can be finished in one sitting. If you want a fast and good story in a simple language; grab this one"

To read the complete review please click the below link:

Grab a copy of my debut book 'Story of Tublu' from Amazon or Flipkart. It is a Contemporary Fiction novel, published by LiFi Publications Pvt Ltd.


  1. super! I still have to lay my hands on your book, Jahid :-)

    1. Hehe Thanks Archana, do grab a copy :)

  2. Hi Jahid,

    Congratulations on your book, a dream come true for any writer, I must say. Keep up the good work. You are a source of inspiration for bloggers like us. Indeed, having lived an engineering hostel life, I can totally relate to what you're saying. It is indeed magic when we would pass studying on the last day before the exam.

    Keep up the good work.


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    1. Hello Jay, so nice to see you after so long. It seems you were busy with life :) You are one of my initial blogger friends. Glad that you feel even I can be a source of inspiration to others :) It was a lovely experience to write a book. Yes, how we guys used to pass the exams, even we didn't know :) Thanks for your wishes dude!!

  3. Congratulations, writing a book in itself is a big achievement!

    I agree, life in an Engineering hostel is a bit different...i had to miss out on such an experience when i was doing my B.Tech. though i did enjoy during my MBA days.

    1. Thank you so much Alok :) Yes, life in Engg is quite different. But in MBA tension bohut tha shayad :) Thanks for drooping by, Alok Ji !!


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